Van Dykspruit mine is located in North East of the Cullinan Diamond Mine, on the provincial boundary of Gauteng and Mpumalanga in South Africa (Figure right). The site is situated at the top of a small raised dome overlooking the surrounding area. Regional scale geological mapping of this area indicated that the mine is located on an outcrop of sediments belonging to the Ecca Group of the Karoo Supergroup. These sediments overlie the more extensive Loskop Group belonging to the Transvaal Supergroup. 

  • Van Dykspruit has a 10 million tonne weathered Sandtone resource in situ.
  • Recent drilling has shown 12m weathered sandstone resource over a Quartzite basement
  • The Quartzite is suitable for crushing, ACV of 19.  PI value of 7.

Van Dykspruit was drilled earlier in the year with BH depths of circa 35m. Right is a photo of the core at circa 20m showing quartzite material and below are the BH logs from the hole.

Loza Radar, GPR Radargrams from surveying the Van Dykspruit Resource. The survey was conducted around the mine, and shows the depth of weathered zone to 12m depth. This has been confirmed through mining and drilling. The radar survey is quick and accurate, and saves substantial time and cost to verify alluvial and sand surface lying deposits.